Brenau alumna helps coronavirus patients plan and progress

Brenau alumna Brittany White is a medical social worker at Emory University who educates and assists patients and their families with care coordination, care progression and discharge planning.

White, who earned her B.S. in Health Science in 2012 and M.S. in Applied Gerontology in 2013 from Brenau, said COVID-19 has pushed health care workers to be more creative in their daily practices. 

“I work with a hospital system and team that are taking extraordinary measures that are innovative,” White says. “I get to be a part of that. But if I know anything, as a Brenau graduate, I am like ‘gold refined by fire.’ Each day, I am working through this crisis, sifting, sorting and continuously refining. I love being a social worker, and I love that Brenau molded and refined me into the strong, resilient and leading woman that I am today.”

Brittany White

She credits her Brenau education for preparing her for the complex challenges brought on by COVID-19.